Monthly Goals: July 2017 – Fairyloot Month


Book Haul May - June 2017 (1)

So I checked back on my blog to refresh my memory on how I set out these posts before and its been a year. One whole year. Since I published one of these posts. I know, I’m a terrible person who cannot seem to stick to a blogging schedule but now that university has finished I have a shocking amount of free time. So keep your fingers crossed that I can use this time to finally organise my blogging life and get back on track.

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Monthly Goals: June 2016

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I’m going to be a bit ambitious this month and set myself four books to complete and one to at least start this month. I am going to have a little bit of university work to do this month in preparation for my third and final year but it shouldn’t get in the way of my reading so hopefully I’ll be able to surprise myself with the quantity of reading I am able to do. Continue reading

Monthly Goals: May 2016

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These monthly goals pictures are starting to look very similar! I’m not going to set myself a high TBR for this month, just like I haven’t every month this year because university is a swarming black hole that likes to completely take over you life and leaves no room for anything that could lead to actual fun or pleasure. Continue reading

Monthly Goals: April

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 17.28.38

As you have probably been able to tell my last monthly goals did not go so well. I’m hoping I will do a lot better this month as I’m only setting myself five books to read, three of which are for university. I’m almost half way through one of these already but I thought I’d include it anyway, mainly because the colour of the spine matched a couple of others I need/want to read this month as well.
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Monthly Reading Goals: February 2016

This month is again most likely to be dominated with university reading unfortunately. Second semester has started and that means new books to read for my course. I’ve been quite bad with reading my university books when I’m supposed to the last year and a half, but this semester is the semester I get my life together and try and stay on top of everything! It hasn’t gotten to the best start, as the book I need to read most urgently has not arrived yet. The only book to have not arrived. Hopefully it will be here soon and I can crack on with it, but until then there are loads of other books to read!
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Monthly Reading Goals: September 2015

My reading goals for this month are going to be a little weird because it’s going to mainly be university books. Unfortunately that is going to cut in to my pleasure reading time so this month is going to have to be a short list.

I’n only setting myself two books to read this month, along with as many university set books as I possibly can. I’ve decided to opt for a short and a long book, just so if I don’t feel I’ll finish the bigger of the two at least I’ll finish the shorter and have read half my list.
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