Monthly Round-Up: July and August 2016



I know I’m a terrible human being for not updating you all on my progress and I’m sorry about that. I truly am! I’m making up for it now though by giving you an extra long round-up this month. As you can see I’ve done quite a bit of reading other the past couple of months (for me anyway) and I am so proud of myself for breaking my 3 book curse, even if I did fall back into it the next month, but that isn’t the point. I had a really good 2 months as well because 5 out of 8 of the books I read were 5 star reads for me which I’m really happy about. I cannot recommend them enough! You’ll find out which books they are when I eventually post their reviews which will be done. Continue reading


Monthly Round-Up: June 2016

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I set myself an overambitious TBR (for me anyway) for this month, and I knew I wouldn’t read all of the books, but I’ve managed to finish 3 of them and start another that wasn’t actually on the list but it’s a new buy so I couldn’t resist 😉 I thought I would be able to read a lot more this month because of all the free time I would have, but I didn’t factor in being without all my books except 3 for two weeks, so that didn’t really help matters!

Again, as university is over for the summer it will only be personal books in my round-ups until around September. Continue reading

Monthly Round-Up: May 2016

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Although I didn’t stack up a huge list of read books this month I’m still really proud of myself. I managed to finish two books, read part of another and did it all while completing coursework and revising for exams! Now that my second year is complete and I have summer to look forward to I will hopefully be able to make a decent dent in my TBR.

As this was my exams and coursework month I didn’t actually read any university books, so there will only be personal books included in this months round-up post. Continue reading

Monthly Round-Up: April 2016

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I had hoped this month would be a better reading month than the others this year but unfortunately that didn’t happen. University got in the way as I am coming to the end of my second year, and that means a lot of very important coursework and exams coming up, so my main reading focus has been on my university books. This means I have had a very slow reading month of only two books. But they were two very important books that I have to know in detail so I feel that it was okay to have a small month I’m really trying hard to justify this I’m sorry for being a disappointment! Continue reading

Monthly Round-Up: February and March 2016

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I know I’ve been absolutely terrible at posting over the last month and a half and the only excuse I can give is university stress got the better of me and I let if affect my blogging. I’m working towards sorting that out but it’s a slow process, I promise I will try and be better this month though! It is not just my blogging that was affected over that time, it was my reading as well. The start of February was great, I sped through two books and thought I was finally going to make a decent dent in my TBR list. That did not go to plan. I went into a bit of a reading slump due to the stress, but again I’m working on it and I’m getting out of the other side and am finally getting somewhere with the book I started reading when it all happened!
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Monthly Round Up: January 2016

The end of the month is here and that means it’s time for a monthly round up!


This month has definitely gone very quickly, but I was proud of the amount of books I’d managed to read in what feels like a short amount of time. Until I saw everyone else monthly round ups and realised how little I have actually read.

This month my goal was the read four books, two university books and two books for pleasure. I managed to read all of those books plus an extra university book for my second semester that arrived early. (The links lead to their goodreads page)
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