Easter Book Haul

Book Haul

Although Easter was a few weeks ago, my Easter holiday has only just really finished so I thought I would make a post to show you the books I gained over the holiday! I have been trying to be good with my spending, especially when it comes to books as I didn’t want to go crazy now that my book ban has been lifted (I did go slightly crazy at first but it didn’t affect my bank account too badly luckily), but I paid full price for one of these books so I feel I did pretty well!
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Book Haul: University Books

This month I will be starting my second year at university and I am excited to get back. I’m missing my friends, the freedom I get and the city itself, but one thing I am not looking forward to is the amount of reading I have to do. This may sound a little crazy coming from a girl who is studying English Literature and runs a book blog, but it’s hard to get excited about reading books that I’m just not that interested in. I think I will enjoy the modules I’ve chosen but I have never liked being forced to read a book, I like reading them at my own pace when I want to, and doing the course I do I just don’t get that luxury. Some of the books don’t look too bad, I just wish I could read them when I wanted to instead of being forced to cram read them in a day.
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Monthly Book Haul: August 2015

August has been both a good and bad book buying month for me depending how you look at it. I had been trying to cut down on my spending on books as I still have so many on my shelves that I haven’t gotten round to reading yet, so I shouldn’t be buying more really, but considering I’ve been to a Waterstones pretty much every time I’ve left the house I think I have done pretty well to not buy something for every time I’ve gone in there.
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Book Haul: Crime Novel Crazy

For some reason, every time I’ve gone into a Waterstones recently the crime novel section has been jumping out at me. Normally have I’ll have a little browse through them but nothing every catches my eye and I just move straight on to the teen fiction section, my guilty pleasure for finding easy reads that don’t require too much concentration and can take my mind off the classics in my course. But for some reason, there have been a few books that have really stood out to me over my last few trips and I just couldn’t resist! Although I haven’t had the chance to read the majority of them because of my work load I have started the first of them now I have more time on my hands and I’m looking forward to getting on to the rest and reviewing them for you guys!
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