Monthly Goals: July 2017 – Fairyloot Month


Book Haul May - June 2017 (1)

So I checked back on my blog to refresh my memory on how I set out these posts before and its been a year. One whole year. Since I published one of these posts. I know, I’m a terrible person who cannot seem to stick to a blogging schedule but now that university has finished I have a shocking amount of free time. So keep your fingers crossed that I can use this time to finally organise my blogging life and get back on track.

As you can tell from the title of this post I’m doing something a little different with my monthly reading goals. I have recently gone through my books, done a huge unhauling and organised them into read and unread, and I am embarrassed to say I have a lot more unread than I do read. Shocker. So in an attempt to try and slash that TBR I have decided to give myself themes.

For July I have decided I want to try and read some of the books I have received in Fairyloot boxes. Fairyloot is a UK YA Fantastical book subscription services which I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend (you can find out more on their website here). When I was organising my books I realised I had only read 1 of the books I had received in my Fairyloot boxes, which I have 5 of. So you can see I kind of need to get a move on and read some of these books.

I don’t expect to read all of these, I’m still not the fastest reader around but I like options. Click the title of the book to be taken to the goodreads page.


First on the list is Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter which was featured in the September 2016 box. Yes I’m that far behind. This was in my first Fairyloot box and it’s a retelling of a Russian fairy tale. I am a huge fairy tale lover and over the past year or so I’ve been really interested in discovering more tales, particularly from other countries. So I was really happy when I got this book and I’d heard a lot of really good things I just hadn’t found time to get round to it yet. Lets hope this month will finally be the month.


The next box I got from Fairyloot was the November 2016 box which included Nemesis by Anna Banks. I’m a big fantasy fan, if you couldn’t already tell, and am always on the look out for new fantasy worlds and ideas that I haven’t seen and this definitely fits that category. It has a little bit of a Sci-Fi feel to it from what I’ve read in the synopsis, which isn’t something I would normally go through but the plot still does seem like something I would enjoy so I’m intrigued by this. It also has a badass female protagonist apparently, and who doesn’t love a badass female protagonist?


This book is probably going to cause mobs to gather outside my door for not having read it yet but next on my list is Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. This book was featured in the March 2017 box, which was the special edition one year anniversary of Fairyloot box! I was desperate for this book when the ARCs were being handed out and the book was first published, all my friends were telling me I needed to read this book because it was amazing and completely my type of book. I was pretty certain this would be the book in the March box so I was super excited to get it. But I still haven’t read it yet. What is wrong with me? This book has the most amazing reviews and it’s sitting on my shelf feeling unloved. I need to get my act together!  


The final Fairyloot book I hope to read this month is from the June 2017 box, so I’m very sorry if you haven’t seen what is in this box yet and didn’t want to be spoilt, I tried to upload this as late into the month as I could to avoid this. The book included in this box was Roar by Cora Carmack, which is one I hadn’t seen a lot about until a week or two before my box actually arrived. Elemental magic is one of my favourite branches of magic in fantasy literature and I don’t see it enough so when I heard this was about storm magic it grabbed my attention. I haven’t heard much else about it but I’ve seen good things being said on twitter and I’m definitely intrigued by the world so hopefully I get to it this month.


There is an add on to this list that is not from a Fairyloot box, but the lovely people at Harper 360 UK were nice enough to send me an ARC of Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau. This is another fantasy YA novel (surprise surprise) that involves sibling rivalry, which is a trope I love, and competitions which is another favourite trope. The synopsis of this book is just so intriguing to me and I had to include it on this list because I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t stray from the Fairyloot theme to pick this book up.    

So those are my reading aims for July! Being realistic I know I probably will read about 3 of these but considering I haven’t really read anything since March/April I feel like that will be a big achievement.

Have you read any of these books? Any recommendations based on these? Have I introduced you to a book you hadn’t heard of before? Let me know in the comments below!

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