I Don’t Think Readathons Are My Thing…

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I failed. Again. But this time was way worse than my first and I’m so disappointed in myself! I tried I really did, but my social life got in the way and I didn’t even finish one book in this readathon, I finished the book I was reading a day late and I’m so annoyed with that fact.

I loved the challenges set for the Booktube-A-Thon but I think we all know I was never going to read seven books in a week. I didn’t even get chance to start reading a book at night because for some reason I wasn’t reading in the evening so I missed out on that challenge. Being a single book reader also doesn’t help as I won’t start another book until I’ve finished the one, so not finishing the book I was reading originally until after the week is over did not help!


I think I’ve come to the realisation that unless I can lock myself away from the world in a room full of books, then I probably aren’t going to do great in readathons. I keep getting distracted by my dog, my mom, my friends and loads of other things, so much so that I couldn’t find any time to just sit down and read. It seems that I need a lot longer than a week to try and complete the challenges set for readathons unfortunately!

I am sad I didn’t do well on this readathon because the challenges were really fun and I had some great books lined up but I will get to them all at some point no matter what! And I’m not letting it dishearten me or put me off readathons forever, I’m just going to choose the readathons I join  more wisely in the future.

How did you do in the Booktube-A-Thon? Did you complete any of the challenges? Are you as bad at readathon’s as I am? Let me know in the comments! 


12 thoughts on “I Don’t Think Readathons Are My Thing…

    • graciefm says:

      aww thank you! That’s one of the things I did enjoy about it tbf, I think I’ve just realised that not all readathons are for me, and I have to pick ones that are longer than a week! At least I’m not the only one that doesn’t do too well 😂❤️

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      • graciefm says:

        That’s exactly how I feel! One of my friends can read 9 books in a week (and that’s a bad week) and I can barely read one! We all read at our own speed though and I am getting better so that’s one positive to take away from it 🙂

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      • graciefm says:

        that’s what I always thought but my boyfriend is a really fast reader as well (he can read a 700+ page book in a day!) and we tested him once and he remembered everything that happened! He hates his reading speed though because although he does enjoy the books he wishes it was drawn out longer


  1. Ashleigh says:

    At least you still did some reading 🙂 And at least you tried – I didn’t even bother trying because I know I’d be awful at readathons (I fidget way too much to dedicate so much time to marathon reading). Don’t feel too bad about it 🙂 ❤

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    • graciefm says:

      aww thank you! ❤️ I think I just need to aim for longer readathons in the future because I don’t seem to have time to just sit and marathon read all the time unfortunately :/ You’ve gotta give something a try at least once 🙂 and like you said I did do some reading! 🙂

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  2. catherinerachel says:

    I’ve yet to take part in a read-a-thon but like you, I can’t read more than one book at a time so I think I would probably fail miserably! I think that has been putting me off trying too, but maybe one day I’ll give it a go and see how much of a failure I will be :’)

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    • graciefm says:

      I should have realised I wouldn’t have done so well considering I do only read one book at a time, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway! I just need to go for longer readathons in the future, there’s one starting in august that is based on Pokemon that lasts 3 weeks so I’m going to give that one a go and see how I do! Maybe you should try one that’s a bit longer as your first so you have bit more time to get some reading done?

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