I’m a Failure…


As many of you will know today marks the end of my first ever readathon! And as you can probably guess from the title, it didn’t go so well.

I was doing the Make Me Read It readathon (which you can find my post about here for more info) and I had set myself five books for you to choose from for me to read. I had said that I was aiming for 3 and anything above that would be great, but it didn’t really go as planed.

Firstly I got the start day wrong, I spent all of Saturday stopping myself from picking up the first book you guys chose for me because I thought it started on Sunday only to find out when I got back from my weekend away that actually it started on the Saturday all along. Great.

So that set me a day behind but I thought, it doesn’t matter, I can still do this. My reading speed has been increasing lately, the first two books are around 300 pages, I can easily read at least those two in a day each! But that didn’t happen. I kept getting distracted by my social life, my mo dragging me out my house and my dog demanding cuddles so before I knew it that was another day lost. I started reading Rebel of the Sands and kept getting little moments to read a chapter but I eventually managed to find a day where I could sit down and blast through the whole thing. That was Thursday.

Then I had a shopping day planned with my mum and godmother for Friday and family coming round in the evening, so naturally I didn’t get any reading done then either. I was also supposed to be going out Saturday evening, the last day for the readathon, and although I got through quite a bit of the second book you guys chose for me (The Sin Eater’s Daughter) I didn’t think I’d finish it by the time we were supposed to be leaving. Then by some sort of miracle (if you can think of it that way) I got ill. Nothing too serious, but I wasn’t really up for leaving the house and being social because of it. So I had a nice night in with my dog and read through the whole of The Sin Eater’s Daughter and started the sequel (it wasn’t on my list but after reading the first one I just had to start the second).

So overall I didn’t reach my target of 3 books. But I am beating my average books read per month which of late has been 3! I have now read 4 books this month so I’m pretty impressed with myself!

I’m not disheartened by it either and I will be giving readathons another go. Very soon actually. I will be taking part in the booktubeathon which starts tomorrow! Hopefully this one will go slightly better but we shall see. I’ll be uploading a post either today or tomorrow with all the info, the little challenges and what I plan on reading!

Also in the next couple of weeks I will be attempting a Harry Potter reread in anticipation of The Cursed Child book release. Now you all know my reading speed isn’t the best so I doubt I’ll get through all 7 books but we’ll give it a shot! I’m doing it as part of a mini challenge with the rest of The Book Club  which you guys can take part in as well! It’s starting today and all the information is on this post here. We’ll also be watching the films together for those who don’t fancy the reread or want to do both! The first film will be tonight at 8:30pm (BST) and we’ll be talking about it on twitter while we watch using the hashtag #watchthemagic.

Did you take part in the Make Me Read It Readathon? How well did you do? Did you hit your targets? Will you be joining our Harry Potter reread? Let me know in the comments! 


4 thoughts on “I’m a Failure…

    • graciefm says:

      Yeah there is! I linked to it in the post but if you can’t find it check “The Book Club Related Posts” on my blog 🙂 it would be great if you could join!


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