Monthly Round-Up: June 2016

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I set myself an overambitious TBR (for me anyway) for this month, and I knew I wouldn’t read all of the books, but I’ve managed to finish 3 of them and start another that wasn’t actually on the list but it’s a new buy so I couldn’t resist 😉 I thought I would be able to read a lot more this month because of all the free time I would have, but I didn’t factor in being without all my books except 3 for two weeks, so that didn’t really help matters!

Again, as university is over for the summer it will only be personal books in my round-ups until around September.

Personal Books I’ve Read:

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo

A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic #2)  by V.E. Schwab

Annihilation (Southern Reach #1) by Jeff VanderMeer

Books I’ve Reviewed: 

Shadows and Bone (The Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo 

Currently Reading: 

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab


I did better with posting this month! It’s still not where I want to be at but I managed to upload 4 posts this month (including a book review), so I’m pretty happy with myself.

I Made It Through My First Instagram Book Challenge!

#MakeMeRead It Readathon July 2016 

The Book Clubs First Book Choice! 

I have a lot of ideas for next month, as I have a readathon happening, a book haul to write, and posts about the new book club I’m a part of, so fingers crossed this section will be a bit bigger next month!

Also I set up a new section of my blog this month as well! I still haven’t quite completed my I Am Currently… page but I’m hoping to take the necessary pictures for it within the next week or so. The new section on my blog focuses on the book club that I am a part of, called The Book Club (we’re keeping it simple ;)). You can find links to all the social media for the girls that have helped make it a reality and The Book Club itself in Creators of The Book Club and you will be able to see the reviews of our monthly read from different members over on the Reviews By The Book Club page (it’s a little empty at the moment though).

Social Media


I failed miserably at my goal to post more on instagram this month but in my defence I had no books to take pictures off and I didn’t think ahead! So there wasn’t a lot of choice for my most liked instagram picture but here it is!

June reading goals

(My instagram is here)


My tumblr post with the most notes was a picture from my instagram challenge in May that I was pretty proud of because this set up is a lot harder to do than you’d think. It currently has 576 notes so I’m beating last month whoop!

Day 16

(My tumblr is here)

Reading Challenge

Overall: 17/30

This Month: 3/30

I’m getting there slowly! I’m finally over half way through with my challenge so I’m feeling accomplished and hoping I can make a huge dent in my goal now that summer is here.

What did you read this month? How is your goodreads challenge going? Got any books you wish you had have read? Let me know in the comments below! 


2 thoughts on “Monthly Round-Up: June 2016

    • graciefm says:

      haha I’m hoping I’ll reach my 3o books in the summer holiday because I know I won’t keep up my reading speed once uni starts again! I did thank you, one wasn’t the best but the others were good 🙂 I hope you did to!

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