The Book Clubs First Book Choice!


We’ve started a book club! Myself and a few girls on twitter (I’ll leave their handles at the bottom of the post, there’s quite a few of us) have decided to start our very own book club and we need help deciding what book we should read in our first official month, July!

We couldn’t decided between a number of YA fantasy and YA contemporary books so we’ve done a poll for each and the two winners will be pitted against each other to the death! Well, not quite that dramatic but you get the idea. Then after the book has been chosen and we’ve had chance to read it, at the end of the month we will be hosting a book chat on twitter using the hashtag #TheBookClub to discuss and chat about our thoughts on the book!

So without further ado, here are our two polls:

You only have one choice in each poll so choose carefully! The polls will be live until tomorrow evening and the winners will be announced on twitter, so keep an eye out for the two books that will be in the final face off.

Our Twitter Handles:

Myself: @GracieFM

Jemima: @JemimaJOsborne

Katie L: @KatieBookQueen

Ria: @RIAxoTT

Rebecca: @RebeccaVeight

Rachel: @RacheyRagdoll

Katie J: @Green_Tiger_21@Green_Tiger_21

Lucy: @Lucimeatsix

Rosie: @rosiefreckle

Mel: @TheBookMoo

Saara: @saara782

Kat: @katnapt


6 thoughts on “The Book Clubs First Book Choice!

    • graciefm says:

      You’re welcome to join ours! If you go on my blog and click on creators of the book club you can find all our social media and join in our chats, I’ll be posting a blog post tomorrow announcing the book for July (it’s already on the Twitter and Instagram page, I’m a little behind on things) but you’re welcome to join in and read along with us!

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