Monthly Goals: May 2016

exhibitionnow (2)

These monthly goals pictures are starting to look very similar! I’m not going to set myself a high TBR for this month, just like I haven’t every month this year because university is a swarming black hole that likes to completely take over you life and leaves no room for anything that could lead to actual fun or pleasure.


I’ve also decided that I’m not going to be including my university books in these posts any more. I hardly ever complete them so there’s no point in telling you guys about them. They’re not fun reads anyway, and no one wants to hear about not fun reads.

I’m hoping that because I finish my second year of university on the 20th of this month that I’ll be able to fit in a lot of reading in those last 10 or so days. This is what I’m hoping to do in those magical 10 days of stress freeness.

I really want to finally finish Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. I’ve been reading this book for what feels like forever and I’m finally making a decent dent in it at completely the wrong time. If I don’t finish it in my breaks from coursework then I will definitely be doing it in my 10 days of freedom.

I’ve finally started A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab but I’m only two chapters into it (and they’re really small chapters). You can be rest assured though that I will be devouring this book as soon the last word of Truthwitch registers in my brain. Although I’m not putting A Gathering of Shadows in this post I do own it and if I am in desperate need of remaining in this world then I will be reading that before anything else. We’ll see how I feel after A Darker Shade of Magic though.

Finally I really want to at least start the first book in the Grisha trilogy, Shadow and Bone by Leigh BardugoThis series has been towards the top of my TBR for quite a few months now and I’m hoping I can get part way through in my personal mini read-a-thon.

What are you looking forward to reading this month? Are you as terrible with monthly TBRs as I am? Let me know in the comments! 



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