My Life Ramblings: Weekend Away in Plymouth!

The other weekend myself and four friends (Spencer, Aleks, Jamie and Ramy) drove all the way from Swansea to Plymouth for our friend’s (Sophie, Aleks’ girlfriend) birthday! It was also Jamie’s birthday as well that weekend so to celebrate the two we had a couple of crazy nights and a great road trip in the day.

We arrived on the Friday quite late, so our plans to go out for a meal had to be cancelled. Instead we stayed in, played beer pong and cards against humanity until 3am and everyone got pretty drunk (except me, I’m the resident sober one).

We were actually able to get up the next morning (I still don’t have a clue how) and as it was Jamie’s birthday he got to decide the days activities. His decision was making us travel the very long journey all the way to Lands End. For those of you that don’t know what that is (don’t worry, I didn’t either) it’s the furthest point south in the UK and was named Lands End when everyone believed the Earth was flat and there was no one else out there.

It was a very cold day, but the guys still managed to find some way to entertain themselves, despite everything being closed except the gift shop and out only surroundings being cliffs and sea.

We took the mandatory group selfie.


And a photo of the sign to signal we had reached Lands End.


After freezing to death for a little while we left Lands End and somewhere else (I can’t remember the name) to get some much needed fish and chips by the sea side! This was a lot more difficult than we expected but when we did find some it was definitely worth it.


After we’d eaten to journeyed back to Sophie’s and everyone got very drunk again to celebrate Sophie’s birthday. Everyone went clubbing to the university’s student union, except Spencer, myself and Aleks because Spencer damaged his knee, I’m not really a clubbing person and Alek is a walking accident so it’s safer for him to be at home. The only picture I have from that night is Spencer with a man bun so I’ll end the post with that for you all to enjoy!



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