My Life Ramblings: I’M FREEEEEEEE… Ish

I have finally finished my exams!!


For now anyway. I finally have a few days off before the start of my second semester and I’m so glad to have some time to relax.

I’ve come home for the weekend, and dragged Spencer along with me, for some rest and relaxation. No cooking, no cleaning, and most importantly, no work! I know I will have to start reading my course books eventually, but for now I will live in blissful ignorance!

I am looking forward to my second semester, I have some good modules which I’m excited to start, but these are definitely some much needed days off. I don’t handle stress well, especially exam stress, so to be done with that and know I only have one exam at the end of the academic year is a big relief.

Finishing my exams for this semester also means that I am half way through my three years at university, which is just a crazy thought. It feels like last week I was travelling to Swansea for my first day! It is scary though, thinking that this year and a half has gone so quickly and soon I’ll be dumped into the adult world, but I’m excited at the same time. I’m excited to see where life takes me, and all the amazing things I’ll get to experience once I’ve fully started my life of my own.

How have your exams gone? Still got some to come? How do you relax from the stress? Let me know in the comments section and good luck to those who still have exams!


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