My Life Ramblings: One Year Anniversary (1st January 2016)

On the 1st of January 2016 Spencer and I celebrated being together for one whole year! We both classed this as a pretty big achievement as we don’t have the slightest clue how we have put up with each other for so long! But we have, and it has been the best year of my life, so we decided to go out and do something to honour our relationship.

Our decided destination was the SeaLife centre in London! We are both big lovers of animals and wildlife so this was the perfect place for us to go and explore!

One of the first stops in the centre was what I am calling the Ray pool. There were a lot of other species of fish in this pool but it was mainly different types of rays and they were gorgeous!

Then we found one of the interactive stations where you were able to have the opportunity to touch a starfish. Spencer wasn’t too keen on the idea so he took pictures of me doing instead.

After I met the starfish we walked round and found Nemo! In one tank he was with loads of his brothers, some of which were going through their rebellious teenager stage, and in the other tank he was with all his friends from the dentist plus Dory.


One of my favourite tanks in the whole centre was the Shark tank. There were other fish and rays in here as well that were just as amazing but I think my brothers obsession with sharks is starting to rub off on me because I was mesmerised by them.

They were fantastic creatures to watch, and those with the rays together in a tank meant that Spencer had to drag me away every time we found a different view point.

There was one fish in this tank in particular that I could not take my eyes off. He wasn’t the prettiest of fish but I think that’s why I loved him so much!  
 There were some fun photo opportunities throughout as well which I really enjoyed!

We had photos in a bubble.

  Spencer got distracted by some glowing stuff. 
There were some giant fish.

A shark diving cage.

And we got to see how tall we were compared to the size of a Spider Crab’s leg.

Another of our favourite tanks was the one that was home to the turtles. They were so cute and Spencer and I had to try so hard not to attempt to take one home!


Spencer’s favourite part of the centre was by far the penguins. They’re his favourite animal and I love getting the opportunity to see him with them because his smile is amazing! 
We finished off the day with a meal at Nando’s, as that is where we had our first date! It was an amazing day out and I would recommend the SeaLife centre to anyone.


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