My Life Ramblings: New Years Eve Day (31st December 2015)

New Years Eve Day was spend wandering around London with Spencer and his family. We ventured into Mayfair and window shopped as everything was stupidly expensive, but it was great to see how the other side lived!

The one shop we did decide to have a look inside was, for lack of a better name, an expensive off license. I can’t remember the name of it but everything in there was amazing. They had 15 later bottles of wine which were huge!


And normal sized bottle’s of wine resting precariously on very unsteady looking hands! These bottles were over £1000 each and they’re resting them on lobster hands!

They also sold bottles of what we think was whisky that cost more than a house!

Once the sun started to go down we walked around looking at all the amazing lights in the streets of London. They were beautiful and I’m so glad I got to experience them.

We finished the day by having a meal at the Rainforest Cafe and the lesser Spencer and I shared was absolutely huge and tasted just as good as it looked! I would happily order this again and eat it all to myself, Spencer can order his own dessert next time!


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