Friday Finds (8th Jan 2016)

Friday Find’s is a weekly meme hosted by A Daily Rhythm where you showcase the books you have ‘found’ during the week and added to your TBR list. These don’t necessarily have to be books you’ve purchased, they could be one’s you’ve seen online, in a book shop or the library that seem interesting to you!

I hadn’t actually planned to do a Friday Find’s this week, as I’m only going to do them when I discover new books. But then I got an email from Bookbub (a site where you can download loads of ebooks at discount prices) and normally I don’t see anything that takes my fancy, but today was different.


A Question of Will by Alex Albrinck was available to download in Apple iBook and Amazon Kindle book for free. The synopsis looked interesting so I thought I’d give it a go!

It comes across as similar to a lot of young adult fiction we’re seeing at the moment, a teenager gets into trouble but is saved by a mysterious group of people, joins them and learns new skills along the way, either magic or some sort of other fantasy based skill. But this book is different. But instead of a brooding adolescent taking on the role of the protagonist, it’s a billionaire with a wife and child. Yeah the billionaire part may be slightly cliche but I feel the rest of the plot adds a different spin to a story I’ve seen many times before.

This book probably won’t be at the top of my TBR list just yet, I have a lot of other books I’ve been dying to get into, but I am excited to read this and see what direction the story goes.



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