My Life Ramblings: Disney on Ice (30th December 2015)

This christmas I got an amazing present off my parents, tickets to Disney on Ice in London! Unfortunately for Spencer that meant he had to be dragged along and endure my relentless facts about Disney and ice skating, but he put up with it pretty well!

My parents were nice enough to gave me money for a meal and a souvenir as part of the gift so we headed into London early to eat in a nice restaurant at the O2 and have a wonder round.

We chose to eat at a posh English pub type restaurant called Garfunkles. The meals were huge and I could not finish mine, but it was delicious. You just can’t beat good old fashioned British Fish and Chips! I really wanted to have a dessert, the menu look so nice, but I was so full I couldn’t even look at food for another couple of days!

I brought a programme that came with souvenir Mickey Mouse ears, so naturally I forced my boyfriend to wear them and smile while I took a picture I could hold over him for many months. I did have a picture myself so he didn’t feel quite as embarrassed 😉


The show started and we were introduced to our amazing hosts Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Goofy!

After the hosts of the show introduced themselves we were whisked off into Andy’s bedroom for the world of Toy Story!

The skaters told the story of Toy Story 3, and some of the costumes looked very difficult to skate in, particularly Lotso’s!

Once the Toys were safe and sound again we moved under the sea and saw Ariel’s story from The Little Mermaid.

This section was a bit too short for me, I would have preferred them to cut down on the Toy Story and equal the times out a bit more, but it was still enjoyable! I was very jealous of four little kids (how sad does that sound?) because they had a submarine for them to go in and get pushed around on the ice for the whole of Under the Sea. they got to meet Ariel and see everything up close!

There was a Cars section which opened the second half of the show but it didn’t last very long luckily. It mainly consisted of huge remote control cars moving slightly around the ice. The only interesting part was when Lightening McQueen entered and hit one of the already present cars, causing them both to crash into different parts of the guard around the ice, breaking it and two lights. I’m sure it was a pain in the arse for the people who worked there but it was quite entertaining.

Spencer did enjoy the Cars section more than I did, he got very excited when he noticed the different parts of the cars that were animated, such as Mater’s mouth moving or a someones eyebrows twitching up and down.  I think I paid more attention to Spencer in these 5 minutes than I did the show to be honest!

The final section was obvious Frozen! This was the part of the show that I got the most pictures of and it was great to watch, especially Olaf singing In Summer surrounded by flowers a bees!

I was upset that they didn’t do my favourite song, Do You Want To Snowman? but the skating during Let It Go and at the end of the show completely made up for it!


 It was amazing to relive my childhood and I’m desperately hoping I can convince someone to come with me next year!




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