My Life Ramblings: Day out in London

I have just got back from visiting my boyfriend, Spencer, who is lucky enough to live just outside of the amazing capitol city of London!

Spencer isn’t actually a huge fan of the famous city, he finds it too busy with tourists and business people and so noisy that you can’t hear yourself think. But I managed to convince him to adventure into the captiol with me and have a bit of a wonder, doing as the tourists do.

Our first stop was obviously Buckingham Palace. I have seen it in person a couple of times but I’d never really been a tourist about it and take lots of pictures, so naturally that is what I made my London-hating boyfriend do first!

Luckily we picked a really nice day for it and managed to get some good pictures. I thought it would be more crowded considering the weather but it wasn’t that bad, which made it a much more pleasant experience.

The Victoria Memoria was also a great walk around and gave us some good photo port opportunities. Spencer and I don’t take enough pictures together when we’re out so it was nice to have an excuse to.

After we got our cheesy couples shots we ventured into Green Park and had a look at some of the monuments and art prices they have around the park, something that Spencer enjoys doing as he study’s history.


When we finished our stroll in the park we went towards one of the many shopping areas of London and took some snaps of each other in the Hard Rock Shop, the Disney Store and Hamleys.


(My very own disney prince!)
The next stop on our adventure was to the other well known landmarks of London; Big Ben and the London Eye. The pictures of Big Ben aren’t the best because of the time of day we went, and we didn’t manage to get pictures of ourselves with it but we plan on going back another day to get those and see some different parks of London.


Overall it was a really lovely day, and and I cannot wait for our next London adventure.

Have any of you had any nice experiences in London? Any places you would recommend for us to explore on our next venture? Comment and let me know!


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