My Life Ramblings: New Phone! 

The long treturous wait is finally over and the day of the upgrade is upon us! Well… It was two days ago anyway.

That’s right, I got a new phone a couple of days ago and I could not be happier! I have only just been able to start using it because of all the transferring numbers malarkey and all that other technical business but it is already ten times better than my last phone. The phone is bigger, the screen is smoother and it is generally faster and better looking. 

I would never have created a post from my old phone just due to the slowness and the display of WordPress but now that I’ve upgraded so have my apps and I can see myself creating many a post on the go now. 

Most people will probably say there isn’t that much difference, as o have just had the upgraded version of my old phone, but to me there is. And that is what matters! 


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