Book Haul: University Books

This month I will be starting my second year at university and I am excited to get back. I’m missing my friends, the freedom I get and the city itself, but one thing I am not looking forward to is the amount of reading I have to do. This may sound a little crazy coming from a girl who is studying English Literature and runs a book blog, but it’s hard to get excited about reading books that I’m just not that interested in. I think I will enjoy the modules I’ve chosen but I have never liked being forced to read a book, I like reading them at my own pace when I want to, and doing the course I do I just don’t get that luxury. Some of the books don’t look too bad, I just wish I could read them when I wanted to instead of being forced to cram read them in a day.

Anyway I thought I would share with you all the books I will be reading for the first semester of my second year at university, as there are quite a lot of them and as I’m doing a book related course I thought it would be great to show part of that on my book related blog.


The Shakespeare module I’m doing is the one with the least amount of books to read but I know they are going to take me the longest. I’m not doing one of these books any more, they changed the reading list after I purchased the books and so will now have to buy two more, and one of the plays they have dropped is one I had studied for A level so I’m upset because that had shortened my reading list a little, but obviously it has been bumped back up now. I do love Shakespeare but his plays do take a long time to read if you want to understand them properly, which I will have to for my exam, but when I have to study some of his plays that are very thick it worries me about being able to get through them all. I will definitely be checking the thickness of the books next year before I choose a module.


This is the module that has the largest list of books for me to read and it also has tv shows and films I have to watch as well. Although the tv shows are either on my to watch list or my favourite crime tv shows, it is still a lot of work to do for my american crime module. But I do think this will be one of the more enjoyable modules to study this year, the books themselves don’t seem too bad and will be a lot easier to read than the Shakespeare plays. Just the sheer volume of work and reading this module is going to require scares me a little.


The final module I will be studying in my first semester is based on Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and the different things that have influenced it throughout time as well as novels that share the gothic characteristics Carter presents in her retelling of classic fairy tales. I am looking forward to certain parts of this module, particularly looking into original versions of fairy tales and the feminist views of those. But we are studying some books in a genre that I don’t enjoy as well as ones that we studied last year that I am not looking forward to reading again. Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad but we’ll just have to wait and see.

So those are the majority of the books I will be studying over the next few months. Not all are there as I already owned some due to my previous year at university and they aren’t in the best condition, with my scribbles all over them, so I thought it best to leave those out. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the university lifestyle and back to studying, I never thought I would say this and I will probably take it back after a few weeks, but I am missing my course and learning. Hopefully the modules live up to my expectation of them.


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