My Life Ramblings: Home Sweet Home… Ish

So yesterday was a big day for me, it was great and also one of the worst feelings ever. Yesterday I moved the majority of my stuff home from university. That’s it. My first year is officially over! Okay, so I may have anothe weekend at university coming up where I’m going to move the rest of my stuff back, but yesterday felt more final for some reason. 

It was great because I didn’t have the stress of the university course any more and I can finally come back home for more than three weeks and spend some proper time with my family, but at the same time I had to leave one of the most important people in my life. My boyfriend, Spencer stayed at university for a extra night and is moving back to his home, over three hours away from me. I am going to be seeing him again in a week and a half, which I know isn’t a lot of time apart, but going from spending all your time wit a person to not being able to see them at all for this amount of time is a big change. We have had to do this before, for a longer period of time, but it doesn’t get any easier, especially for someone who is slightly over emotional like me. I am missing him like crazy but I know I can find loads of things to distract myself with. Like unpacking. 

It feels like all I have done today is unpack. Oh wait, that’s because it’s true. Normally I don’t mind unpacking, it’s a quick task and once it’s done you fell so much more relaxed. But having moved practically half my life back home causes it to be a bit of a longer job, and I left some stuff at university. But the majority is done now, so I can relax a little more as that’s one distraction out the way! 

My family and friends are trying to keep me occupied, which I’m really grateful for. And I am excite to see them and spend time with them again, but I can’t help counting down the days until I get to see Spencer. Hopefully their plans will work and the time will fly by.  


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