My Life Ramblings: Never Have Coffee Before You Sleep! 

I’ve never noticed before of coffee has affected my energy levels. It desn’t make me bounce off the walls, it doesn’t make me suddenly wake up from a tired state like others claim, I just simply find it a nice drink to have in the evening with a few biscuits while watching the TV. Until tonight.

It is 7:32 in the morning and I have not slept a single wink! And I don’t have a clue why, I was absolutely shattered when the boyfriend and I decided to get some shut eye at 3am and thought I would drop right off. But no. I’ve tossed and I’ve turned and no matter what I i can’t seem to get even an hours worth of sleep. There’s only one thing that I can think of that could have caused this. Coffee.

Of course this hasn’t affected my boyfriend, he’s slept peacefully all night taking up most the bed, because he decided to be sensible and have a hot chocolate. Stupid tea drinkers. If he was a coffee drinker like me then we would both be having this problem and I could have something to keep me entertained other than his occasional death crips around my waist.

Instead of sleep I have had to settle for mindless games on my phone and creating meaningless, useless, posts on my blog (I bet you guys are so happy about that). Hey, on the bright side maybe his all nighter will finally sort out my ridiculous sleeping pattern.


3 thoughts on “My Life Ramblings: Never Have Coffee Before You Sleep! 

    • graciefm says:

      I’ve not really tried it properly before, just a sip of my boyfriends or dads here and there but the only way I’m really going to tell I think is if I just dunk a biscuit in! I’m going to try and do that soon though I think. I’m also thinking about doing a teatox for my holiday so hopefully that will introduce me to the wonderful world of tea!

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