Book Haul: Graphic Novel Gorge

So I may have a not so secret love for superheroes. I know, I hide it well but that is mainly because the only outlet I had for this love was the old cartoons on CBBC. One of the only drawbacks to living in the UK in comparison to the USA was the lack of comic book shops that I could go to as a kid to fill my brain with all that superhero information. The only ones I had ever heard of were in the centre of the big cities, which I was’t allowed to visit until my late teens and even now I still haven’t found one as they are in hard to find. I thought I’d have to settle for the all the new tv shows and films that have been surfacing recently (not that I’m complaining about those, definitely the opposite of that) until I found the graphic novel section of Waterstones.

Now you’d think with my extensive visits to the shop that I would have found it earlier, but I have always been very picky with my book reading choices, and so have not really ventured out of the sections I was comfortable with until I was dragged out of the fiction section and into a part of the shop that I had never ventured into before. It was during this mysterious journey that my eyes caught sight on the holy grail, the unknown graphic novel section. It took me a while to actually buy my first one. The purchase had to be perfect, did I go with DC, Marvel or a different franchise all together? A group centred graphic novel or one that focused on a single hero? One that I had heard of and seen on the big and small screen or a hero that was completely new to me? I thought about this decision a lot, and made various trips to have a browse through the vast amount of options available to me.

In the end, my first ever graphic novel purchase was the first Justice League in the New 52 and I know I made the right decision. It had the bad ass Wonder Woman who I had always admired and aspired to be like, the sarcastic Batman, the witty Flash, the punny Green Lantern, the all powerful Superman and the new to me Cyborg. It was the best of many worlds for me, new characters to learn about as well as old ones to learn more about and a group of heroes to follow and give me my desired fill.

After I had read the first in less than an hour I just had to buy more, and my collection grew to this within a couple of weeks (I had to limit my trips because of money, but if I could have I would have brought one a day):


(One is missing from this picture and that is the first novel in the Gotham Sirens series because I left that at my boyfriends university flat)

After reading the first three Justice Leavue graphic novels I noticed the Suiucide Squad series. How could I resist a bunch of hilarious villains being forced to work together for the governments? You just know hilarity is going to occurs with that formula, so I had to buy the first two, which I again sped through.

It was on my next trip that I spotted the Gotham Sirens series, and again I just couldn’t resist, three of the most badass female villains working together to try and change their ways? Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Posion Ivy have always been some of my favourite villains, so to find a graphic novel with them all together, it was perfect for me! Unfortunatly they only had the first one, but it was more expensive than the others so it was  probably best, especially for my purse! I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and really enjoy the book yet, and I want to wait until I can because it deserves it. When I do get the time can bet I will be speeding through it, and giving you guys a review , telling you of it was worth the wait.


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