My Life Ramblings: New Found Love for Cooking

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I do not like cooking. I am way to impatient with things, if it takes longer than 15 minutes i don’t want to know, I don’t like the inconsistency with it, it says 15 minutes on the box but it ends up being 25 minutes. Stuff like that especially gets me worried, even though I’m doing an English Literature degree I have always been a very maths minded person, so if the food doesn’t stick to the formula it says it should then I get flabbergasted and I don’t have a clue how to improvise it.

But recently, with having to start cooking more to move away from the constant microwave meals and takeaways, I’ve actually found a very hidden love for it. I have loved sitting on the bed scouring through the student cook books both Spencer and I have and finding recipes I will eat (not eating veg has made that more difficult than I would have liked). And actually cooking them has been more enjoyable than I thought as well, we’ve only made a couple from the books so far, but that’s because we’ve had food that we have had to eat before we go home for the summer, but we’ve improvised quite well, using parts of different recipes and incorporating them within our own made up ones.

Now, I’m not quite Gordon Ramsey and the things we’ve cooked haven’t been the most complex things in the world, but I’m proud of myself! Before coming to university the only things I could work in the kitchen were the toaster and the microwave, and then before easter all I’d learnt to use while being here was a toasty machine and the oven, but the last one was with box instructions on potato waffles or popcorn chicken, so anything beyond that was a huge improvement for me.

Having to watch what I’m eating has sparked this motivation in me to cook as much as I can and as often, all I want to do now is find as many recipes as I can and go shopping to buy all the ingredients and new healthy food. In fact, I’ve spent most of the my evening looking on this website for recipes to save and food blogs to follow. I just hope this doesn’t fade away because I really have enjoyed it so far and would love to show everyone at home that I can cook and I’m not completely useless in the kitchen, which I know will be a massive shock to them.


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