Monthly Goals: July 2017 – Fairyloot Month


Book Haul May - June 2017 (1)

So I checked back on my blog to refresh my memory on how I set out these posts before and its been a year. One whole year. Since I published one of these posts. I know, I’m a terrible person who cannot seem to stick to a blogging schedule but now that university has finished I have a shocking amount of free time. So keep your fingers crossed that I can use this time to finally organise my blogging life and get back on track.

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Love, Magic and My Humble Opinion


More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera


Synopsis: In the months after his father’s suicide, it’s been tough for 16-year-old Aaron Soto to find happiness again–but he’s still gunning for it. With the support of his girlfriend Genevieve and his overworked mom, he’s slowly remembering what that might feel like. But grief and the smile-shaped scar on his wrist prevent him from forgetting completely. 

When Genevieve leaves for a couple of weeks, Aaron spends all his time hanging out with this new guy, Thomas. Aaron’s crew notices, and they’re not exactly thrilled. But Aaron can’t deny the happiness Thomas brings or how Thomas makes him feel safe from himself, despite the tensions their friendship is stirring with his girlfriend and friends. Since Aaron can’t stay away from Thomas or turn off his newfound feelings for him, he considers turning to the Leteo Institute’s revolutionary memory-alteration procedure to straighten himself out, even if it means forgetting who he truly is. 

Why does happiness have to be so hard?

Rating: 3.5 stars

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Why I Stopped Watching Youtube Videos…


You may not guess it now but youtube used to be a pretty big part of my life. Every week I would get excited about the newest upload from some of todays biggest British youtube stars, from Alfie Deyes, Zoella, Casper Lee, Joe Sugg, Tanya Burr and the rest of the youtubers in that group. I started watching them around 2011-2012 when youtube really started taking off, I remember the videos they would upload being excited about reaching 100,000 subscribers and those days seem so far away considering how big their channels are now! I even went to Summer in the City in 2012 and was very lucky to have the chance to meet some of them. I had a tumblr dedicated to them where I would create alternate universes and picture preferences. I was obsessed. But that obsession ended a lot sooner than I thought it was.

When I started watching their videos I was 16 years old, and was the perfect demographic for their content, but one or two years down the line and I had grown up a lot. I was heading off to university and becoming more independent, I was finding myself and starting to see the good and the bad in the world around me. But their content wasn’t reflecting that. They were still making videos for 13-16 year old girls and I wasn’t that girl any more. So I stopped watching. I unsubscribed to all of them, unfollowed them all on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, changed my tumblr and moved forward with my life. I thought that would be the end of my time with these youtubers, which I enjoyed and look back on fondly but it isn’t who I am any more and that’s fine.

But one of those youtubers has uploaded a video that may change my separation from the British youtube gang. Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter) has recently posted a youtube video and blog post telling her fans that there are about to be some pretty big changes to her channel. She is quitting Sprinkle of Glitter and going to start producing more mature content. For the full explanation watch Louise’s video and read her blog but here’s a quick summary; Louise is now a 31 year old woman with a gorgeous daughter, but she wasn’t when she started her youtube channel, and she hadn’t progressed her content and let it mature as she did, she stuck to creating safe videos and she’s getting bored. She was hiding a part of herself and only showing the always happy and perfect Louise who didn’t express her opinion on important issues or tell stories about her adult life. She wants to change that, she wants the freedom to be able to show the adult sides of her, she wants to talk about the bad dates, the good and bad of motherhood, politics and her sex life because those are the things she talks about with her friends in her day to day life.

I am so excited for this change! Although I never stopped supporting Louise and hoping she did well, I wasn’t invested in her content any more because I was bored of it. It wasn’t anything new or interesting, it was the sam thing all the other British youtubers were posting and I didn’t want to watch that any more but now I am fully interested again and looking forward to her new content. I will be supporting her whether I watch her new videos religiously or just the odd one on occasion because I know this change is going to be hard for her and some of her viewers and I want her to know a lot of us are sticking with her.

How do you feel about Louise’s reveal? Are you looking forward to more mature youtube content? Do you still love the content the British youtubers are uploading? Let me know in the comments! 

Monthly Round-Up: July and August 2016



I know I’m a terrible human being for not updating you all on my progress and I’m sorry about that. I truly am! I’m making up for it now though by giving you an extra long round-up this month. As you can see I’ve done quite a bit of reading other the past couple of months (for me anyway) and I am so proud of myself for breaking my 3 book curse, even if I did fall back into it the next month, but that isn’t the point. I had a really good 2 months as well because 5 out of 8 of the books I read were 5 star reads for me which I’m really happy about. I cannot recommend them enough! You’ll find out which books they are when I eventually post their reviews which will be done. Continue reading

I Promise I Have A Good Reason For Joining Another Readathon: #ReadThemAllThonTBR


Yes you did read that title right, I’m signing up for another readathon. You can’t say I’m anything but persistent! However there is a difference in this readathon to the other two I have attempted to do, this readathon lasts longer than a week, so hopefully I’ll be able to actually read a book in the timeframe. What readathon am I joining I hear you ask? It’s ReadAtMidnights’s Pokemon Indigo League ReadathonContinue reading

Write On Review-A-Thon 2016


I am super behind on my reviews! I keep reading more and more books and not getting round to reviewing them for some reason, but that is all about to change.

From Friday 29th July to Sunday 31st July I will be taking part in Book Bumblings Write On Review-A-Thon where instead of trying to read a lot of books in a short amount of time, I’ll be trying to write a lot of reviews in a short amount of time.

Here is the official blurb so you can see if you want to join yourself:

The Write On Review-a-Thon is a challenge hosted by Book Bumblings. From Friday through Sunday, we all band together and write as many reviews as possible. It’s a weekend for you to either catch up on reviews or get ahead on upcoming ones. It doesn’t matter if you write one review or 10 – if you write a review, you’re in. 🙂 Join this month’s challenge here.

Here is my list of the reviews I am hoping to get done over the weekend:

Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Signs Point To Yes by Sandy Hall

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton 

I do have a couple more reviews than this that I need to do, but I thought putting five was being over ambitious so putting seven would have just been ridiculous. I doubt I’ll be able to do all of these, but I’m hoping that once I get into the swing of things the words will just spill out and all my reviews will magically be done!

Most of my review of Am I Normal Yet? is already done so that one will just be a finishing off job, the others on the other hand are full blown reviews that I need to complete, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my reviews have been getting pretty long recently. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get minimum three of these reviews completed, and hopefully this will go better than the readathon’s I’ve been taking part in have gone!

Are you behind on your reviews? Will you be taking part in the review-a-thon? Or are you hyper organised and don’t fall behind? Let me know in the comments! 

I Don’t Think Readathons Are My Thing…

exhibitionnow (13)

I failed. Again. But this time was way worse than my first and I’m so disappointed in myself! I tried I really did, but my social life got in the way and I didn’t even finish one book in this readathon, I finished the book I was reading a day late and I’m so annoyed with that fact.

I loved the challenges set for the Booktube-A-Thon but I think we all know I was never going to read seven books in a week. I didn’t even get chance to start reading a book at night because for some reason I wasn’t reading in the evening so I missed out on that challenge. Being a single book reader also doesn’t help as I won’t start another book until I’ve finished the one, so not finishing the book I was reading originally until after the week is over did not help!


I think I’ve come to the realisation that unless I can lock myself away from the world in a room full of books, then I probably aren’t going to do great in readathons. I keep getting distracted by my dog, my mom, my friends and loads of other things, so much so that I couldn’t find any time to just sit down and read. It seems that I need a lot longer than a week to try and complete the challenges set for readathons unfortunately!

I am sad I didn’t do well on this readathon because the challenges were really fun and I had some great books lined up but I will get to them all at some point no matter what! And I’m not letting it dishearten me or put me off readathons forever, I’m just going to choose the readathons I join  more wisely in the future.

How did you do in the Booktube-A-Thon? Did you complete any of the challenges? Are you as bad at readathon’s as I am? Let me know in the comments! 

The Book Club August 2016 Book Choice!


It’s that time again! Although this month isn’t quite over we like to be extra prepared and give people a chance to get the chosen book if they don’t already have it. So we are starting our polls now! There are going to be four polls for four different genres and in each poll will be four book choices (there’s a lot of fours) and the four winners will be pitted against each other and one of those will be our winner! Continue reading

Booktube-A-Thon 2016 Readathon!

exhibitionnow (12)

I’m jumping straight back onto the readathon horse here and starting one almost two days after finishing my first! (Which was a massive fail but you can read about that one here). From the title you can probably tell I am doing the booktube-a-thon! This readathon takes place on July 18th to July 24th so I’m not giving myself chance to get out of reading, I am determined to smash my usual of 3 books in a month. You can find out all the information you need could possibly need to know about booktube-a-thon here! Continue reading